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Tutti Frutti Step-in Harness

Tutti Frutti Step-in Harness

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The Tutti Frutti Harness is EverWoof's first step-in harness. Simply step each leg into the openings and buckle at the back, no need to try and slip over the head! This harness is sure to add a pop of color to your walks!

*Disclaimer: Our harness features a D-Ring on the back. This harness used to include a front chest ring, hence, the extra strip of material in the front. Due to a recent design patent, I have removed the front clip to avoid infringement. All future harnesses will not include this extra material where the clip was originally attached and the price of this harness is reflected upon the removal of the accessory! 

This Harness is made from a custom printed neoprene with breathable lining, along with a fully adjustable polyester webbing on the chest & neck.

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